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Kenya Kite Cup 2018

With crystal clear waters, reliable wind conditions and miles of dazzling white sand, Diani Beach is a kite - surfer's paradise.

It is also the perfect location for the annual Kenya Kite Cup. 14 years after the first event kicked off in 2004, this action - packed 3 day long, freestyle kiting competition from H20 Extreme is yur chance to beat the January blues with some ocean - bound fun. East Africa's only kite surfing competition celebrates positive sportsmanship in one of the worlds best kite surfing spots. The event is open to all, amateur and professional alike, and regularly attracts kiters young and not so young from around the world.

Competitors are set to perform freestyle movements before a panel of judges who will allocate points based on difficulty, fluidity, style of trick and kite position before the final manoeuvre.

For non-sporting types, fear not. Kite-surfing is also a spectator's sport. What better way to wile-away a weekend than watching a colourful kite-surfing spectacle on Africa's number 1 beach? A team-building relay race will finish the competition, with supporters invited to place bets on the winning team. You can also browse through craft stalls selling locally made products, including clothes and jewellery, and let your hair down at a Hawaiian-themed after-party.

Organised by H2O Extreme, the first kite school on Kenya's south coast, the Kenya Kite Cup is designed to promote the sport, engage new recruits and give back to the Diani community. The 2018 Kenya Kite Cup will raise awareness and funds for precious ocean life through the Local Ocean Trust. The 2017 event raised over Kes 200,000 for the Local Ocean Trust.

The Kenya Kite Cup is superbly hosted by The Sands at Nomad,generously sponsored by Base Titanium and further supported by Cocoon Design Studios.

All proceeds raised from the 2018 Kenya Kite Cup go directly to the Local Ocean Trust.

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