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Watamu: Service


Watamu is a small village located 120 km north of Mombasa. The area has developed an international reputation for its pristine white-sand beaches and reef-protected lagoons, which line the Watamu National Marine Park and Reserves, renowned world wide for its natural beauty and boasts a rich marine life from the visiting Whale Sharks and Manta Rays to three species of Sea Turtle. The Park and its coral gardens are one of the main justifications for visiting Watamu.

Watamu makes an excellent base from which to explore the nearby Gede ruins, the first major Swahili outpost for trading dhows, and the mangrove-fringed waterways of Mida Creek. Travelers can explore the local rich culture and history, fusion cuisine and activity options including fishing, scuba diving, kite surfing, volunteer conservation and much more.


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