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Rift Africa, a Nairobi based leather bag and accessory company inaugurated in March 2009, hit the streets of Diani in November 2019. We were due to celebrate the occasion in mid-March with a belated opening party at Diani Shopping Centre's Piri Piries restaurant, next door to our shop. The virus put paid to that occasion. When circumstances ease we fully intend to resurrect our, now very belated, opening

Rift Africa are a friendly, community conscious company who specialise in high quality, innovative leatherware. Our range is wide. We also retail in Nairobi, Nanyuki and Naivasha. Beyond retail outlets Rift Africa has a number of international clients (we have exported to 20 plus destinations in America alone and upward of a dozen different countries, including Japan, England, France, Uganda, Tanzania, Spain, Germany and many more.

Rift also service the Corporate and Restaurant/Hotel markets with a wide array of luxurious array tailored products.

Rift Africa work very closely with Mama Lorenza, a vocational school dedicated to disadvantaged young ladies. We have supported them in many ways – installation of a leather workshop including extensive training and expert advice on required machinery. We hold Mama Lorenza in great regard as the school is excellently managed and its ethos admirable. We visit the school on average every two months in a support capacity.

Rift Africa have also of late supplied upwards of 1,000 facemasks to various orphanages in the Nairobi area.

Currently due to the disrupted circumstances Rift Africa are offering 50% discount on all products with the exception of chairs at all their outlets. Naturally this includes the ground floor Diani Shopping Centre outlet. An unmissable opportunity for both men and women to grab an unforgettable bargain of high quality.

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