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Christmas Shopping List

Debssie Beads

Located in Diani Beach, the boutique shop offers crafty handmade unique jewellery accessories and leather sandals.

Ngirigiri Designs

Ngirigiri Designs is a Mombasa based brand making handmade kh

anga bags. Each print is hand selected giving you a unique stand-alone piece. With attention to detail and craftsmanship each and every bag reflects quality to allow you to stand out in this ever changing world of fashion. This brand believes in class & elegance that is proudly Kenyan made.

Instagram; ngirigiri_bags

Facebook ; Ngiri-girl Bags

Seedling Designs

Located in Kilifi, Seedling Designs focuses on home and lifestyle products and taking inspiration in nature and color for their designs. An entire collection of products harvested from one single tree, the majestic African Baobab. The growth in furniture waste has far exceeded the world’s population growth in the past six decades, the rise of the "fast furniture" trend is creating mountains of wasted materials. Products from the Tree of Life Collection are completely bio-degradable and compostable within their Zero Waste policy, which encourages the conservation of all resources by responsible production and consumption.

Instagram & Facebook: Seedling Kenya

0724070940 - 0704055762

Simply soso Design

Simply Soso Design makes functional and decorative

wooden Home Décor products with a rustic twist. All items are made by local artisans in Kilifi.

0707 551982 (Whatsapp)

Instagram & Facebook

Simply Soso Design

Sooz Joolz

Based in Watamu, this beautiful gift shop make coastal inspired, handmade sterling silver and gold jewellery. The perfect gift or treasured reminder of the beautiful Kenyan Coast.

@soozjoolz Facebook

@soozsilverjoolz Instagram

Call +254722709257

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