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Diani Goat Derby

The Goat Derby is an occasion for all, attracting a diverse crowd of people across East Africa for a day of goat racing, delicious food, champagne and much more. This year will be its 18th Anniversary and has grown to be a well known tradition within Diani. Although the main event is goat racing, where people can place bets for their favourite goat to win, there is much more to be seen and to be done. With fashion shows, raffles, face painting, bouncy castles, children fancy dress competitions and the chance for men and women to win best dressed and best hat. This event is for all and attracts families, friends and tourists, providing an unique day of entertainment and socializing.

However, the Goat Derby is more than just a fun day out. Being the brainchild of Diani Resident, Pauline McKenzie, of the East Africa Women's League, South Coast branch. The Goat Derby has an incredibly important objective, which is to raise vital funding for charities and worthy projects in the nearby area. To date the Goat Derby has raised over Ksh 18.7 million. This money has made an incredible impact for many, helping several charities, these include; the Diani/Ukunda Epilepsy Clinic, Kwale District Eye Centre, the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care for Animals (KSPCA), Cancer Hospices, Women's Self Help Groups, Mswambweni Palliative Care Centre and Numuyumba Primary School – Special Needs Unit. All of which have had a positive impact for the local community. This year the East Africa

Women's League aim to raise over KSH 1 million.

This year, the event will be held on Sunday 14th October, 2018 at Leisure Lodge Golf Club in Diani, there is a small entrance charge but rest assured that the money will be going towards a noble cause. In total, there are ten goat races organised for the afternoon, goats are dressed in bright colours, so spectators can easily identify their goat of choice. They will race round a small track, closely followed by their handlers. Many onlookers gather around to cheer their goat along while enjoying refreshments and a selection of scrumptious food. Between races people can enjoy the variety of stalls which have, to name a few, selection of crafts, clothing and jewellery, all of which are locally produced, furthermore supporting the local economy. In addition, other events are organised, including fashion shows and raffles.

The atmosphere is both joyous and friendly, attracting a variety of people from all walks of life. The Goat Derby never fails to impress, with many residents dressing up for the occasion, wearing their Sunday best and showing off their hats of all colours and sizes, all hoping to win the best dressed or best hat. It is not often that people along the coast get the opportunity to find an excuse to dress up, and this event gives many the opportunity to do so. Children also get the opportunity to participate and can come in fancy dress to compete for the best outfit. One cannot help leaving with a warm feeling and fond memories. The most enjoyable part is certainly the welcoming atmosphere and after the goats have raced and the event comes to an end, it leaves many wanting more.

So come, join and help support a worthy cause! There are many ways you can contribute. You can help by sponsoring a goat, which will cost KSH 14,000, you can choose to sponsor a race, which will cost KSH 30,000 or simply just come along and enjoy the event, which from personal experience will be an unforgettable, unique and fun filled day.

More further information about Sponsorship opportunities, and the event itself, please contact:

Tel: 040 3202130,

Mobile: 0722 346 142


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