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The Salty Squid Beach Bar & Restaurant

The Salty Squid is the new beach front place to be when you come to Diani Beach. Located at Kenyaways previously known as Lymingtons, but now Salty Squid is the perfect spot to have a sunny lunch by the beach or a relaxed dinner with the ocean breeze.

You will probably meet Oli and HAL when vising, they are the new owners. Originally from Cambridge, UK, they were together in primary school and became friends after a few years. Aer 20 years of experience in the industry, they decided to sele here in Diani. From restaurants, pubs, mobile bars, cocktails bars, ski chalet, they have been experiencing most of the hospitality options in the world. After travelling around the world for HAL and building his family for Oli, they came to Diani Beach last year to visit friends. Like most of us, they fell in love with Diani and jumped on the opportunity to take over this beau ful restaurant by the beach and start all over again!

After weeks of intense brain storming, renovaon, refurbishment The Salty Squid was open. The opening day on the 1st of December was a big success. Most of the Diani residents and tourists were present to try out this new piece of paradise by the beach. The “modern European with a Kenyan twist food” style is just the perfect combinaon with the sandy locaon. They are offering fresh, local and organic products with a sustainable thought including minimum waste and eco-friendly items. The restaurant is open to public for breakfast from 7.30am to 11am every day and for lunch and dinner from 11am to 10pm.

Its our passion. We love food, drinks and friends. We just want to bring that all together

With their experience with the front and the back of house, they have been through all the culinary jobs, from the dishes to the cooking. Very humble, Oli and HAL said: “You are sll learning every day and you need to adapt in this kind of work. We are really looking for training and working along with the local who may be interested in learning what we have to share with them!” One good example is the cocktail menu. After making cocktails in most of the connents in the world, HAL knows what he is talking about. And the list is impressive! Personally, the fresca is my favourite!

Food-wise, I tried the slow cooked beef tacos (tasty and spicy shredded beef with guacamole well presented on a banana leaf), the pork belly candy (fried chunk of pork) and the original salty pepper squid! The rest of the menu is so aracve, from fresh sea food to meaty grills and a wide selecon of vegetarian opon, as well as reasonable prices. During your stay in Diani, don't miss out this perfect place, friendly atmosphere and great food! As they both told me: “Eat Fresh, Drink Well, Be Happy!”

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