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The Diani Ngalawa Regatta

The Diani Ngalawa Regatta, now in its 6th year, is the only event on the South Coast

together to race their ngalawas (canoes with outriggers dug out of giant mango trees). Their skill in manoeuvring their boats as they fly across the waves is awesome. You can join the fun by sponsoring a boat, crewing, learning how to sail or just cheering them on.

The Indian ocean trade links to the Middle East and India influence the food of nearby islands Funzi and Wasini. Enjoy the snacks or lunch, flavoured with spices, tamarind and

coconut, cooked by the women of these islands. There is also a bar and other food stalls.

Local handicrafts are for sale - woven mats, hats, baskets etc, lessos (traditional wraps) - and the income from these goes to women’s groups. Local produce is also available and there are stalls featuring various items of local interest. Ladies can have their hair plaited,

hands painted with henna and learn how lessos are worn by watching the ‘Mama Lesso’

competition. Join in the Kayamba dance, which is performed at ceremonies to mark

important events during the year and get blessed by a traditional healer who will be on

hand for consultations.

Enjoy a day out at the seaside and celebrate the fascinating history and way of life of Africa’s best beach! We hope very much to see you at Safari Beach Hotel, Diani Beach Road, on 13th January 2019!

This event is organised by the South Coast Eco-Tourism Association and supported by the

South Coast Residents’ Association.

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