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Nomad Marine Center

Diani's rich and varied marine life is the gem of our coastline. The variety and abundance of species living on Diani's coral reefs – the Rainforests of the Ocean – is greater than almost anywhere else in the world. Healthy coral reefs form part of intricate underwater ecosystems serving several critical functions; they can provide shelter, food, habitats, nursery grounds, fishing grounds and even medicines.

Factor in the magnificent whale shark, a giant of the ocean which makes its annual migration along the Kenya coastline from November to March, pods of dolphins, playful octopuses and a diverse community of endangered sea turtles and it's no wonder Diani is a diver's paradise and a marine biologist's dream.

As not everyone is a marine biologist or prepared to dive to the depths of the ocean, The Sands is bringing the delights of our coastline to you.

Our new marine education center, under The Sands' flagship environmental programme, has been carefully designed as a place for fun and learning.

It is also a base for the local conservation group, Diani Turtle Watch, which works tirelessly to monitor and protect Diani's sea turtle nesting and hatching populations. A database of turtles living on Diani's reefs is also being created, identifying individuals through facial patterns.

The marine center invites you to uncover the secrets of the ocean and learn about the interdependence of our land and sea. Find out more about the protection and conservation of precious ocean life, including tips on how to reduce your family's environmental footprint, and listen to the awe-inspiring sounds of whales and dolphins communicating with each other.

School children can enjoy find-the-answer activity sheets and competitions and even try their hand at creating recycled art. With a marine biologist on hand to answer any questions, the center is an ideal place to explore the wonders and fragility of our stunning

natural environment.

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