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Mombasa by day

Mombasa is such a lovely city located along the Kenyan coast famed for its scenic sandy beaches, beautiful beach resorts as well as its significant role in the world's

history of long-distance trade.

Having been passed from the hands of one mighty nation to another, such as the Portuguese who built the famous Fort Jesus, to the Arabs who overthrew the Portuguese and took over the fort. Finally, to the British who docked at the Kenyan coast in the 1800's and colonized Kenya up until 1963, Its safe to say that Mombasa is a vibrant blend of exciting cultures and experiences, ripe for exploration by the curious tourists in search of adventure as well as the historical enthusiast looking for information about the old days in Africa.

Owing to such a rich culture and so many sights to see around the town, the best way to capture it all in just a few hours is through the Mombasa sight seeing bus. This bus service is offered by PROUL Limited and was launched in collaboration with the Mombasa County Government under the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Investment. It was inaugurated on the 9th of October 2018.

A magnificent sight to behold, the Mombasa sightseeing bus has the capacity to accommodate 64 people on board. It is a luxury double decker bus with a yellow open sun roof, its body covered by the distinct colors of the Kenyan flag; red, green, white and black.

So, what does the tour include, you ask? This luxury ride takes tourists on a 4-hour educational and historical tour of Mombasa town. With two trips per day, the first one starting at 9am in the morning followed by a second trip from 2pm in the afternoon, from Monday to Saturday every week.

The bus takes off in Nyali, and proceeds to the island where the tourists are taken through the city center, the elephant tusks at Moi avenue, the old spice market popularly known as “marikiti” through to old town where there is an amazing view of old Arabic inspired architecture as well as a vivid representation of the Swahili culture. The reputable Fort Jesus, Mama Ngina drive, the ferry, all the way to the reclaimed quarry turned animal conservancy known as Haller park which hosts the most beautiful variety of wild animals in a man-made ecosystem. A sure sight for sore eyes.

The bus service is available to residents of East Africa including citizens of Kenya at a fee of Ksh. 1500 per person and Ksh. 3000 or 30USD for non-residents. Tourists are advised to book at least a day in advance to secure their seat. Customized tours and discounted rates are available to corporates and groups.

PROUL Limited is located on the 2nd floor at Amal Plaza along links road Nyali off old Malindi road. For reservation, reach them on; email: or call

0753-503-020 or 0736-926-010.

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