Mining in Tandem with Conservation

Base Titanium's Kwale Mine is Kenya's largest mining operation. It accounts for nearly 60% of Kenya's mineral output, is the largest exporter by tonnage through the Port of

Mombasa and has been recognised by Vision 2030 as the country's flagship mining project

due to the transformative impact it is having on the Kenyan mining sector.

Base Titanium is committed to undertaking its activities in a way that minimises impacts on the environment and maximises opportunities for positive environmental outcomes. Their commitment is to prevent pollution and minimise their impacts on the environment, while contributing to protecting and conserving biodiversity and driving environmentally responsible behaviour Internally and in nearby communities.

Processing operations at the Kwale Mine exploits physical characteristics to concentrate

and then separate the minerals. This ensures no chemicals are used, greatly minimising environmental impacts.

Base Titanium believes that good environmental performance contributes to business success. Employees are empowered to work in an environmentally responsible manner and are encouraged to take personal responsibility in this regard. Base Titanium works with host

communities, environmental authorities, conservation organisations and environmental

experts to realise their objectives of sustaining and improving the regions rich biodiversity.

To capitalise on environmental opportunities a suite of environmental programmes are aimed at delivering positive and sustainable environmental outcomes. The mining company has established an indigenous tree nursery to identify, research, propagate species of conservation interest to be used in the rehabilitation and restoration of areas in the mine site. It is believed that the Kwale Mine's nurse