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Mining – Improving living standards and providing livelihood opportunities

Base Titanium's Kwale Mine is Kenya's largest mining operation. It accounts for nearly 60% of Kenya's mineral output, is the largest exporter by tonnage through the Port of Mombasa and has been recognised by Vision 2030 as the country's flagship mining project due to the transformative impact it is having on the Kenyan mining sector.

Base's investment in the community is central to its business objectives and operations. Base is committed to working with communities to improve their living standards and provide livelihood opportunities for the communities

in the region. Through its diverse community programmes Base aims to deliver on this commitment. With substantial amounts of funding going towards its community projects Base's programmes are intended to ensure community development that will outlast the life of the mine.

Through close collaboration with local communities a number of key areas have been identified to assist communities with capacity building, meeting basic needs and establishing the physical infrastructure to improve living standards. Various programmes have been designed to meet the agreed goals with many projects completed to date. Strong links have already been established with international donor agencies, community development organisations and other like-minded businesses with a view to working together towards assisting the Kwale and Mombasa County Governments achieve their strategic development objectives. The primary focus of Base's work is on providing social infrastructure for the communities, promoting livelihood upliftment programmes, improving community health and providing educational opportunities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals established to achieve specific targets in global development by 2030.

Social infrastructure projects supported by Base are an integral component of its community programmes. Projects are identified through commitments set out in the Special Mining Lease and a collaborative process of evaluating needs of the communities.

Water infrastructure, medical facilities and educational facilities are amongst the infrastructure projects that Base has supported over the years.

With the majority of livelihoods in the region based on farming, agricultural development is essential in achieving sustainable improvements in socio-economic indicators.

Agricultural and animal husbandry programmes play a major role in Base's objective of providing livelihood opportunities for communities through upskilling farmers, empowering women and facilitating market certainty. Base has implemented a wide range of projects including cotton, potatoes, sorghum, soybeans, poultry and beekeeping projects in partnership with Kwale County Government and other development partners. Key to the success of these projects has been the establishment of off-take partnerships with industry.

Base has provided much needed health infrastructure to nearby communities and works closely with other stakeholders and Kwale and Mombasa County Governments to tackle a number of key health issues in the region. Current initiatives are aimed at improving health delivery at the various levels and tackling problematic health issues identified by the community.

To enable bright young Kenyans from the local area to achieve their educational potential several programmes have already been implemented working together with local NGOs. Base has also established its own scholarship programme, managed with input from its local liaison committees, to ensure fairness and transparency in the award of its scholarships. Support is provided to pupils transitioning from public primary into public secondary schools and to tertiary level students accepted into an accredited institution of higher learning.

Base is proud to be associated with the development of programmes in Kwale and Mombasa Counties that aim to improve living standards and provide livelihood opportunities that look to deliver sustainable development for the communities in its area of operation. Base, together with its community programme partners, is committed to driving this process forward to meet its mutual benefit objective.

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