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Eco Projects

The Sands at Nomad, a boutique hotel nestled within 26 acres of pristine coastal forest on the award-winning Diani Beach, has been awarded the prestigious silver eco-rating certificate from Eco-Tourism Kenya. This award recognises the company's pioneering Thinking Green initiatives to further sustainable tourism and preserve Kenya's rich and varied environmental and cultural heritage.

The Sands' environmental ethos seeks to make a positive impact on the greater local environment, both natural and social, in the hope of creating awareness and becoming a

leading light for others to follow. The Sands hopes to become a flagship for environmental conservation and sustainable best practice on the Kenyan


A further highlight is the development of a 5-acre organic farm to grow The Sands' own fresh produce using the principles of permaculture farming which works with the natural environment and existing eco- systems. Cherry tomato and tomato plants are growing in old broken min-bars. Defunct fridges and freezers are also used to grow plants.

The Green Team collects approximately 200 kilograms of waste plastic packaging from private homes, and hotels in Diani to up-cycle. Waste plastic as been used to make ons from recycled dive bags for the beach bar's chill out area

The Sands also hosts a monthly farmer's market to bring together community members, guests, farmers and small enterprises in support of locally grown, organic produce and to connect us with the food we eat. In keeping with this approach, the restaurant has introduced measuring boards for seafood suppliers to ensure that seafood are not undersized. This helps to avoid removing from the ocean the only chance of a species, such as lobster or crab, reproducing sustainably.

Visit The Sands' Thinking Green blog to find out more about the company's environmental projects and practices

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