Diani Turtle Watch

AFTER sunset under the full moon as the rough waves engage in a never yielding wrestle with the beach, you imagine you have seen it all in terms of what the splendid coast of Diani has to offer…

But really, have you?...

With the high tides under the shimmering light of the moon, she emerges like a pirate lost at sea for decades to lay her eggs discreetly. After what seems like hours and hours of laying eggs, she is done and begins to fill up her nest with sand and concealing the spot perfectly from predators and poachers alike

She is off, down into the ocean never to be seen in this spot again in the near future. Approximately two months down the line the same spot begins to sink in.

Could it be a sinkhole in the making? What will become of the eggs?

Tiny black thumb-like bodies with white underside appear on the surface.

Before you know it, they burst out in a frenzy, maybe fifty, eighty, hundreds, crawling down the beach with enthusiasm flexing their lungs as they inhale fresh air heading into the ocean. They are the sea turtles!!

The need to conserve, protect and preserve sea turtle species on the southern coast of Kenya led to the birth of Diani Turtle Watch in 2012. This is a program of Local Ocean Conservation in Watamu. On the ground patrolling the beaches, are a team of 13 turtle monitors on the lookout for turtle nesting occurrences, possible relocation activities, hatching events and excavation tasks.

This ensures guidelines are adhered to by locals and tourists in the same degree

during such events.