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4 Shore Fashion - that’s a force for good

4Shore, located in picturesque Kilifi on Kenya's north coast, is much Kenya's amazing natural heritage and a great example of how fashion can be a force for good. Siblings and 4 Shore founders Larissa and David grew up in Kenya, surrounded by its diverse plants, abundant wildlife and colourful marine ecosystems. Today this idyllic environment provides the inspiration for their clothing designs. 4Shore is all about quality beach clothing that epitomises a youthful, coastal and environmentally conscious culture.

Their designs start life as beautiful drawings and watercolours before being digitally printed onto certified organic cotton clothing using non-toxic water-based inks. 4Shore uses plastic as little as possible, and all items are sent to customers in wax paper or locally made baobab or banana leaf paper when available.

4Shore also works in partnership with 'Green World Campaign' to offset their carbon footprint and to set a positive example to other clothing companies. Together, they plant indigenous or food trees in rural schools and deforested parts of their local area.

4Shore stands in stark contrast to fast and ultimately unsustainable fashion. They want their t-shirts to become "old favourites" that last- for years, not purchased on a whim and thrown out next season. For more information and to check out their e-shop, go to

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